Narrow Plains are pretty flipping good. We could say that they write superbly catchy folk-pop music. We could say that their lyrics are relatable and meaningful, and we could even say that their melodies are some of the strongest we’ve heard for a long time. However, everything we could say would boil down to the simple fact that Narrow Plains are, to put it simply, a very good band indeed. Check out this song – it’s called Somewhere In Between, and we love it:



It’s nice, huh? Well, if you like that, you’re gonna love this. This one’s our personal favourite – it’s called So Rewind, and it’s the first song we heard by Narrow Plains. To say that we were hooked would be an understatement – in a world where every man and his dog seems to be an acoustic singer-songwriter, Narrow Plains somehow still manage to sound both completely unique and effortlessly familiar:



Oh, and did we mention that they’re great live? Here’s a little live session they did for SW1 Radio – the vocals are flawless, and the rhythm section is about as tight as they get. They’re fresh, they’re different, and they’re absolutely fantastic – what’s not to love about Narrow Plains?




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