The angry singer/songwriter impressed at Electric Brixton

Northern singer/songwriter Georgie writes catchy-as-hell songs with more emotion than an episode of Jeremy Kyle. Naturally, we really like her. We were lucky enough to catch her when she supported Jake Bugg at London’s gorgeous Electric Brixton, and we were majorly impressed:

She’s got one hell of a voice

Accompanied only by an electric guitar, the Nottingham songstress somehow managed to make filling a venue that most artists could only dream of playing look easy. Her voice has a soul that’s older than she is, and it never sounded better than when she played Life After Fear. It’s a gorgeous song, without a doubt, and yet it’s her voice that’s the highlight. Check it out:



She’s also a great songwriter

Okay, so she can sing. So what? A lot of people can sing. What makes her so special?

Well, dear reader, grab a seat and a cup of tea and let us talk you through this. You see, what makes Georgie so special is that she has the ability to write songs that make you stop what you’re doing and pay attention to her. It could be a song about love, or it could be a song about hate – either way, her serious songwriting talent ensures that it’s going to get your attention.

This was rarely more evident than in her opener, Everything You Want. It’s a powerfully defiant song, and one that instantly caught the collective ear of the room. We would tell you more about it, but we think that it’s worth your time to check it out for yourselves. Do it. DO IT NOW.



What was the highlight?

It’s a tough choice, but our highlight of her set has got to be acoustic set-closer This Ain’t Heaven. Switching from an electric guitar to an acoustic could well be seen as a risky move, but we’re pleased to say that it paid off – she sounded gorgeous, and it was the perfect way to close a stunning set. Keep your eye out for Georgie – we’ve got a feeling that you’ll be seeing her around. `



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