A few words from our very own Ryan Donnelly about why he can’t get enough of trumpeter Mac Gollehon’s new album

Few people can say that they shared the stage with the legendary David Bowie.

Fortunately for the very talented Mac Gollehon, that is exactly what he did. The legendary trumpeter has just recorded a fresh, fun, and unique self-titled album with his current band Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics, and I think it’s great.



The album’s got more than a few great songs on it

The album’s lead single is called No More Drama, and it doesn’t disappoint. Beautifully arranged, this song embraces the power of funk infused musical layers upon an EDM beat that is catchy as hell. The trumpet playing (as expected from the great Mac Gollehon) is on point, and a true musical lesson to any of his listeners. It takes a long time to get this good, and a lot of practice, and both of those things Mac has embraced fully to get here.



The very talented Tomás Doncker was brought in on one of my favourite tracks from Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics. The song is called Elegancia, and it’s here that we see the potential in the combination of Donckers‘ voice when it’s paired with the incredible musicianship of Mac Gollehon. I can only hope that this song is released as a single, and that it is the start of many more collaborations between Mac Gollehon and Tomás Doncker.



It comes heartily recommended

The album as a whole is a truly immersive and emotionally charged journey. It is fun, but it has its serious moments as well. The music takes from multiple genres and fuses them together in a very exciting way, and where Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics could have rested, they ramped it up and added even more. As a true fan of Latin music and of what Mac Gollehon brings to the table, I highly suggest this album.


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