If you like HAIM, you’ll love these guys

Meet Smoke Season. They’re a two-piece from Los Angeles, and they make retro-tinged indie-pop with shimmering guitars and catchy-as-hell choruses. This is their new single – it’s called Good Days, and it’s fab:



They’ve got fantastic taste in tunes, too

We like them so much, we couldn’t resist asking them to put together a playlist of their favourite songs, exclusively for your listening pleasure. You can find Smoke Season‘s full playlist at the bottom of this page – but, for now, here’s the band telling you why they chose a few of their picks:

Sylvan Esso – Die Young

‘Love this band. Major synth hook on the chorus, with that melody soaring up top, sang in a wispy delivery. A bittersweet sentiment that crushes you in the best way.



Miguel – Waves (Tame Impala Remix)

‘So much groove, mixed with a touch of psychedelia. Miguel has that instantly identifiable soul vocal, and nobody produces quite like Kevin Parker. That edgy sonic quality of the bass and drums, it just makes you feel so good.



Tei Shi – Keep Running

‘Love the simplicity of this song. The melody and lyrics captivate you from the drop



Club Kuru – Not For Me

‘Great band. Great Song. Love the main instrumental hook, that is instantly memorable. Washes over you like a sublime melting rainbow.



Like what you’re hearing? Check out Smoke Season’s full playlist:


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